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Make an outstanding appearance even with very small editions.

business cards


synthetic panel


Standard paper
in grammage from 80 to 200 g/m²,
surface glossy and matt,
format up to A3 ++ (SRA3) freely eligible
  Fine paper
Volume paper, design paper and structural paper come mainly in use in the field of invitations, congratulation cards and business cards.
in grammage from 200 to 300 g/m²,
surface glossy and matt,
format up to A3 ++ (SRA3) freely eligible
  Synthetic material card
optional with or without magnetic stripe chip,
material strength 0.76 mm, thermo sublimation print
on both sides full-colour printable
Subsequent treatment
possible foldings are zigzag fold, parallel fold, altar fold and simply centred fold. At a paper strength of 170 g / m² we recommend an additional grooving.
no matter whether tarps, flyer or business card. We cut your printing product to the desired final format.
also known as classical saddle stapling.
Depending on the paper format your brochure is fixed single or double fixed in the back.
  Ring binding
optional as a plastic or wire spiral connection in different colours and in strengths from 7-45 mm available.